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Tenant improvements are the customized alterations, per the lease agreement, that a building owner makes to rental space so it meets the specific needs of a particular tenant. Generally, the landlord pays for the commercial improvements with a tenant improvement allowance and if the cost of improvements exceeds that allowance, the tenant pays the difference.

The practice of tenant improvements has become an enticement for renters recently, and a lot of landlords use this as a way to attract potential tenants. Tulsa Plumbing and Remodeling can help with any tenant improvement issues you might have. Call or text 918-800-4426 and we can help with your plumbing and remodeling needs.

Tenant Improvement Allowance

When a renter doesn’t have the money needed to remodel a space that fits their business, they can turn to the landlord. A tenant improvement allowance is money the landlord makes available to pay for improvements to the rented space. These allowances can be for new floors and windows or tearing down or putting up walls. This eliminates the need for a renter to come up with additional funds above first and last month’s rent for improvements when moving into a space.


What is the difference between tenant improvements and leasehold improvements?

Nothing. They are the same thing. Leasehold improvements are also called tenant improvements or tenant build outs. With tenant improvements, the property owner provides an allowance for a tenant to remodel a rented space. These improvements are applied to the interior space, such as the ceilings, walls, and floors.

Who completes the build out?

That depends. Unless the landlord has agreed to assume the responsibility of a full build out, the tenant is responsible for construction. While some landlords prefer a certain contractor, the tenant still has the opportunity to field numerous bids. Also, landlords often require approval of the contractor’s build out plans.
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